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Vacuums & Sewing Machines for Sale in Palm Desert, California

Check out the quality vacuums and sewing machines for sale at Ralph’s Sewing & Vacuum in Palm Desert, California. Our inventory includes a variety of sewing machines and vacuum cleaners from great brands, as well as accessories for these devices. Everything you need to stitch or clean your carpet we’ve got!

Sewing Machines for Sale:

• Sewing Machines by Bernina®
• Overlocks & Sergers by Bernina®
• Horn Sewing Cabinets

Vacuums for Sale:

• The Míele® S142
• The Míele® S444i
• S514 Solaris Series by Míele®
• Riccar® Model RC1100
• Riccar® Model 8850
• Riccar® Omni-Clean (OC1)
• Riccar® Model 4508
• Riccar® Model 4512

The Bernina Difference

Go with the best when you buy top-quality machines from Bernina. Some of the new models are created with the latest technology in the sewing industry, such as an extended free arm and embroidery area, 80% more bob and thread than our standard bobbins, and Bernina dual feed. We proudly offer Bernina sewing machines for sale.
Sewing Machine - Sewing Machines for Sale in Palm Desert, CA
Vacuum - Sewing Machines for Sale in Palm Desert, CA
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