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Sewing Machine & Vacuum Repair & Quilting Classes in Palm Desert, California

Keep on sewing and vacuuming with sewing machine and vacuum repair services by Ralph’s Sewing & Vacuum in Palm Desert, California. Alterations and sharpening services are available. We also offer quilting and sewing classes to show you how to take your stitching ability to the next level.


Visit us to have your sewing machines and vacuums repaired or serviced. We pride ourselves on working with all makes and models.

Alterations & Sharpening

Come to the sewing experts at our store for help with alterations. We also provide scissor and knife sharpening because a dull blade does nobody any good.

Sewing & Quilting Classes

Take classes to improve your understanding of how to put your sewing machine to good use. We offer both quilting classes and sewing classes, depending on your interest.
Contact us in Palm Desert, California, to learn more about our sewing machine repair services and quilting classes.